Monday, June 12, 2006

Greetings from Florida!

Laura and I had to be out on the town at 9am to see the England game. The Irish bar we were in soon filled up with supporters of Sven's men, and the photo below captures the atmosphere well. Later we supported 10-man Trinidad 'n' Tobago as Shaka Hislop earned a point for them in their first World Cup game.

I'm not aware of any bars here operated by Argentinians, or people from the Ivory Coast (Ivory Coastians?). We saw their game in the local airport bar as a friend of ours was flying out for good. This seemed appropiate as I'm sure we could have got a flight to either country had we wanted to.

Today we saw Mexico convincingly beat Iran in a Mexican restaurant. We were supporting Mexico because we wanted to see the staff happy. However, in retrospect, my vocal support of the Mexicans would surely have been understood to be hatred of Iran by the locals: They would have assumed I was a redneck :(

"Ivory Coast (Ivory Coastians?)."

The ITV commentary consistently referred to the team and supporters of the Ivory Coast as "Ivorians", I thought this was the moniker for fans of the childrens cartoon "Ivor the Engine" but it seems not
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