Thursday, June 15, 2006

Greetings from the top of the prediction league!

Laura and I saw England's woeful performance in a golf club. The first half was notable for the bambi-esque ineptitude of Crouch infront of goal. I had to get his photo from the BBC website as I couldn't make it to Nuremberg.

The smiles below was created by Crouch's headed goal, shortly before Gerard's left foot produced a stunning second.
England must have done something right to win the support of these notorious Frenchmen...

Well as there don't seem to be any UK reports of yesterday up here yet, I thought I'd fill you in on the day's activities here in sunny ol' Manchestershire...

Most of Thursday was spent in the lab running air calibrations on the RELAX instrument, while at the same time debating how crowded the pubs might be and so which of the football watching options might be best:
1. Go t'pub across the road from work
2. Stay in work and watch on the TV that has been set up in one of the teaching labs - bit sad, but at least we'd get seats (lab stools!) and a good view.
3. Go t'pub for a cheeky pint before t'match then return to work to watch, possibly via t'spar to pick up some drinks.

So at about 20 to 4, by which time enough was enough with the air cals and it was certain Ecuador would beat "The Ticos" (is that what they are really called, or is it just K103 DJs who say that?), we wandered over to Jabez Clegg for a cheeky pint, still unsure of our long term plan. This is a pub I don't really like, its very dark, smokey and usually full of undergrads and university porters. But much to my surprise (possibly because the 'orrible little students have gone home for the summer) the pub wasn't too busy - we couldn't get seats near the big screen, but got nice comfy armchairs and sofas near another TV. The bar staff ignored my requests to turn up the volume on our TV, but many thanks to the random bloke who just got up and turned it up himself, although please don't ever wear that glittery tie again!

I have to admit that our group was mainly made up of world cup supporters, not true footy fans - one of my colleagues who shall remain nameless was bored about 5 minutes into the match and went home at half time because "its only going to be 0-0 anyway". However I tried my best to make up for them, in spite of the fact that they hadn't let me take my flag to the pub, and even the scottish boy was farily well behaved in the end and resisted from cheering for Tabasco!

I have never been a big fan of Mr Tall, he was never one of my favourite Mr Men, I always liked Mr Tickle best, but I might take back some of what I said about him because he got an important goal. But in general, that photo Gav found on the BBC sums him up for me.

Someone kept telling me that Strongbow makes you strong - is that really true? I believed this story yesterday and so forced myself to drink a few pints of this strange alch-ee-hol stuff. But my attemps to lift up a car this morning, a la superman, failed, and it seems it didn't make me strong after all, what's that all about?! In fact I think it has turned my brain to mush and I'm struggling with my spreadsheets this morning.

So I made a quick dash home after the England game. When I got on the tram the guy I sat next to asked me if I'd been watching the match. Er no, I just thought I'd wear this brand new England shirt for fun, it just happened to be the first one I pulled out of the drawer this morning while half asleep. Idiot.

I made it in the door with exactly 3 minutes to spare before Sweden and Paraguay kicked off, just enough time to slap on a quick pan of pasta to fill my rumbling tummy and be installed in front of the TV with barely a few minutes played. I was very tired though, and to be honest hardly managed to stay awake till the end of the match. I'd forgotten to set my video for Eastenders before going to work on Tursday morning, but was even too sleepy to stay up to watch the BBC3 repeat - it was straight to bed for me as soon as that final whistle went in Berlin, so can anyone tell me what happened in Albert Square yestrday?!

So, bring on the 2nd round. Who do you fancy for that - Gremany or Ecuador?

PS Joe - I though of a couple of people for you to add to your "to kill" list while I was in bed last night, but I've forgotten at the moment. Can you kill them anyway, whoever they were? Clubs
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