Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saudi Arabia 0-1 Spain
Ukraine 1-0 Tunisia

Castilla on Battersea Rise hosted us for the final Group H games. With Spain needing only a draw to secure top spot in the Group, Aragones fielded his reserve team, denying us the pleasure of seeing the flair of Torres and co dominate another game.

So while the game wasn't all we'd hoped for, the venue was excellent - friendly Spanish staff, excellent tapas and sangria, made all the sweeter by the arrival midway through the first half of a group of attractive young Spanish ladies - one of whom I think is the best looking girl we've seen on our FIFA World Cup inspired travels. A bold claim - and one that caused some controversy - but I stand behind it. Sadly at this stage I can't post any photos - however this will be rectified within the next 24 hours (likely as a comment to this post) so stay tuned ...

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Here is Arun's photo from Castilla.

I have to say I think the most fantastic lady I've seen or met on my travels is this one situated in the convenient location of my lounge - my very own Alex Byrne
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