Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sharma's Superstars

Now that we've seen all the teams in action, and in the interest of encouraging debate (and by debate, I mean you better agree with me or else), I've decided to put forward my team of the tournament so far ... Sadly I've managed to see every game apart from Spain vs Ukraine, so I'd like to give an honourable mention to Alonso and Puyol, who looked good on the highlights but I didn't feel I'd seen enough of them - so they're cut. I've gone for a 3-4-3 formation (diamond in midfield).

GK: Boruc (Poland)
DEF: Ayala (Argentina), Ferdinand (England), Lahm (Gremany)
MID: Essien (Ghana) - Rosicky (Czech), Cahill (Australia) - Riquelme (Argentina)
ATT: Saviola (Argentina), Torres (Spain), Robben (Holland)

No great surprises sadly ... The only person I'd never really seen before was Lahm for the Gremans - impressed me a lot going forward. Also interesting that England's arch-rivals are the only team contributing more than one player ... What'dya think? If you disagree with my selections I'll use my famous ninja powers of hypnosis to persuade you to see the light ... as demonstrated in the photo.

I agree with most of your line-up though I'd like to squeeze Kaka and/or Figo in there.

It pains me that Robben has played well but what can you do? At least Reyes hasn't played at all.
Yeah, it's pretty damn close to my team. Could argue for Pauleta/Kaka up front maybe and someone other than Cahill in midfield. One of the Ivorians?

Torres was good but he's trying to become (thin-)Ronaldo's doppelganger
What's with the girly heariband round your hear, you big gay boy?

Not football related, but have a look at this for some fun science experiments, chemistry at work!
me again, it appears I can't type yet this morning.
That should say the girly hairband round your head.
I forgot that Figo literally exploded in the Portugal game. Literal food for thought.

And I will literally explode if Reyes literally plays.
Classic photo. Thank god you've all stopped emailing me.
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