Saturday, June 17, 2006


Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia & Montengro
Holland 2 - 1 Ivory Coast
Mexico 0 - 0 Angola

Argentina were awesome. They looked impressive in their first game but this was even better. Serbia & Montenegro didn't put up as much resistance as you might expect but Argentina just took them apart. They even had to time to score THE best goal in history. Certainly the best team goal in World Cup history, which will hopefully mean I don't have to watch that Carlos Alberto goal every week anymore.

Holland v Cote D'Ivoire was nicely poised at half time but CIV didn't seem to want to go for it in the second half. We watched the game at The Tea Centre in Bethnal Green which was some crazy cinema-cum-cafe with a pretend pitch. Best use of lottery funding ever. The highlight was seeing Robben booked for diving.

The Mexico game was a bit of a disappointment. The bar ("Green & Red" at Bethnal Green) was pretty good, with plenty of Mexicans and a vast selection of tequilas. We lounged around on the sofas in front of the screen while the Mexicans all crowded round behind. You have to get there early.

Thankfully, the staff foresaw the dull game to come and entertained us by playing the commentary about three seconds before the visuals. If there had been any goals this would have been annoying, but as it was it enabled us to pretend we could see the future. No-one was fooled. We laughed.

Can I just add that the atmosphere at the bar was very disappointing - no noise from the Mexican crowd at all, they were mostly just chatting. Go Angola!!!
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