Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 4 In the World Cup House

Serbia and Montenegro 0 - 1 Holland
Mexico 3 - 1 Iran
Angola 0 - 1 Portugal

Football was the winner on Day 3.

Iran probably deserved more against Mexico but fell apart a bit at the end, bless them. I was a bit disappointed with Mexico as I've been bigging them up for months, but they didn't really do much of any note.

It was also good to see Holland and Portugal struggling in the second half and scraping 1-0 wins. It makes me think maybe England are doing something right.

The other highlight was Kev winning a pound by betting with 15 minutes to go in the Mexico v Iran game that one of the players would put their hands together and look to the sky in a praying gesture. You have to wonder if he'd paid one of the players off.

Me, Pooch and Denning are off to Belushi's at London Bridge now (an Australian bar) for the Australia v Japan game. See you there. If Denning is to be believed, you'll be able to recognise us as one of us will have red hair.

Football is ALWAYS the winner, not just on day 3. Come on Joe, you should know that by now.

The Manchester branch of the tour is progressing nicely, the next match will be available for viewing in G61, you all know the secret door codes to get in, don't you?
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