Thursday, June 22, 2006

De Hems - Wij houden van Oranje

Holland 0 - 0 Argentina
Ivory Coast 3 - 2 Serbia & Montenegro

Following yesterday's disappointment, our overseas friends continued to embarass us with their superior hospitality. The staff at De Hems were very helpful and our policy of getting there 6 hours before kick-off payed off this time, in contrast to yesterday's Crown and Two Chairmen debacle. We highly recommend De Hems. Here it is at 2pm:

...and here's De Hems at 6pm:

The game was good, considering a few big names had been dropped, though not amazing. Argentina seemed to have the best of it (shhhh) but were unable to prove it with a goal. I wouldn't be too surprised to see these two meet again in the final - it'd be nice to see them play again with the World Cup trophy at stake.

This game also included the highlight of my life so far, which I'm proud to share with you, blog-readers. Midway through the first half I had the good fortune to come across a long cylindrical Holland balloon. My good fortune continued when I discovered by accident that there was a hollow spot on the nearby wall and that hitting the balloon against it produced a satisfying and surprisingly loud noise. After some encouragement, I proceeded to beat out the appropriate rhythm (de de - de de de - de de de de - ...) and was proud to find the crowd shouting "Holl - and" at the appropriate point.

I led the Dutch in song. I can die happy. Here I am hitting the wall with the balloon - so happy that I've gone all blurred:

Special praise to Leah for standing outside in the queue for the whole of the first half - managing to get in at half time:

... (not to take anything away from me, Pooch, Dann and Arun who had been their since 2pm)...

And thanks to our new Dutch friends for explaining why the Dutch wear orange and what the letters on their shirts mean (explanations upon request). Here's a picture of the ugliest of our new friends:

The Ivory Coast, meanwhile, completed a very impressive World Cup campaign with a 3-2 victory over Serbia & Montengro, with a 3 goal come-back led by Dinedine Dindane. I assume that's his first name.

Great post....and indeed, thanks for posting the picture(s)!
Statto here!

KNVB which is on the shirts is the Dutch equivalent on the FA:

Wikipedia KNVB

and here's some information about why the play in orange, it's all in honour/memory of William the Silent aka. William of Orange:

Wikipedia - William The Silent
Here are some more photos, I didn't want to crowd the main post:

Lots of Orange

Crazy Headgear

Beer and Bitterballen

The Dutch Flag

Thanks again for a great day out
I'd just like to add that I procured the inflatable orange device that resulted in the greatest moment of Joe's life. Sincerest apologies to everyone for that. I'm off now to kill myself by swallowing a frisbee.
If I were to go to De Hems for the next Dutch match, would you advise going early? Thanks.
> If I were to go to De Hems for the
> next Dutch match, would you advise
> going early? Thanks.

Yes, we got there 6 hours before kick off and were ok but as soon as work finished (5pm) it filled very quickly.

They usually open the upstairs bar on a ticketed basis (downstairs was first come/first served), check:

De Hems for more info (possibly).

My advice, get there when it opens (11/12) and make a day of it, try the Bitterballen or the Dutch Platter for lunch and expect it to be very busy later on.
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