Thursday, June 22, 2006

Don't Shoot

Portugal 2 - 1 Mexico
Iran 1 - 1 Angola

Portugal and Mexico battled out a largely meaningless tie in surprisingly exciting style. There were a few minutes towards the end where another couple of goals might have meant Angola went through at the expense of Mexico (on goals scored) but it wasn't to be.

Mexico went some way towards vindicating my unswerving support by turning on the style in places. They passed the ball around attractively on the edge of the opposition box but were sadly too scared to shoot. It made me proud to (pretend to) be half-Mexican, but you have to wonder if they're on a no-shooting related bonus. Their first instinct on getting into the box was clearly "dive", not "shoot". Portugal were worthy winners but I'm still backing Mexico to come good.

Meanwhile, Iran did themselves proud by coming back from a goal down to grab a point against Angola, who can also be proud of themselves after adding this point to their point against Mexico.

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