Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Eh Franca - Vaka Man Du!

That's what the Brazilians were chanting in Guanabara last night. I can only assume it means "Hey, France! Dash you all!"
It was an amzing atmosphere at Guanabara. I haven't seen anything like that for a while. As Pooch said, Brazil weren't great but the fans were amazing. For about an hour before kick-off there was dancing on stage, with a man doing fancy kick-ups, all to the backdrop of images from Brazil.

In the first few minutes of the game, Ronaldinho did a couple of nice things and the crowd just went mental. They calmed down a bit afterwards but I think that's a reflection of Brazil's relatively poor performance. It's a good job though, otherwise the crowd would definitely have exploded.

And here's a picture of one of the helpful barstaff - not taken for my benefit - merely to convince Arun and Dann that we need to go back there.

A guide to portuguese swearing can be found here:
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