Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hannover rest day in Germany

We're as bored as Daniele DeRossi's boot-cleaner here at blog HQ as we're left to boil in our own soup for the second day in a row.

To keep things ticking over here's some photos of Kev at the France vs Togo game last week:

Henry thinking about his next dive

Also, a plea to our readers: we need a venue for the England game on Saturday. It needs to have a good atmosphere, big screen(s), be unpretentious (a proper pub preferably) and be within easy reach of central London. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated in the form of a comment.

Expect a little more excitement from us tomorrow as we attempt some Klose contact with the Germans.

Until then,


How many Kev's are there on this pub crawl? Seems to me like everyone is called Kev - there's this one pictured here at the match, the one in the profiles, and even a mention of Kev "Flamin' eck" Wilson back in the early days.
Are you all actually called Kev?!
To get the ball rolling, pubs that have been recommended so far include:
a) The Three Tuns (?) on Goodge St
b) One of the nice traditional (non-corporate) pubs in Greenwich
Um Joe - how about my suggestion of:
Dovedale House on Battersea Park Road

Can't guarrantee exactly who the other people will be but it should be a good atmosphere as they have sold out for all the other games. They are selling tickets for £20 First Class and £15 Business class. Both incl 4 Coronas and a burger (proper yummy home made ones). They have a big screen and the FC tickets are on the sofas in front of the screen and the BC ones are slightly further back at tables... Some of you may remember it from my birthday drinks...
Yea - I couldn't remember what it was called so I thought I'd leave it to you.

Also, the one I referred to on Goodge St is in fact called The One Tun.
I'm pretty much against places that sell tickets. It's taking football away from the fans.

Most of the foreign venues we've been to have allocated seats on a first-come, first-served basis and I think that's the way to go.

I suspect that most of these places where tickets are allocated are full of people that don't actually understand the game.

We were going to do an editorial along these lines but we can' be bothered to write so may words.
I know but the Dovedale is sooooooo convenient for me!!! What if I throw in some dinner? Otherwise there's the yummy and v cheap Italian restaurant AntiPasto nearby...
I guess that's no good cause there's the next match too.
Pooch, are you including stadiums in your anti-ticket stance?

I reckon we should watch the match in a Portuguese venue.
> Pooch, are you including stadiums
> in your anti-ticket stance?

Yes, football clubs with stadiums that allocate tickets are indeed taking football away from the people.

From now on I'm only going to watch football in parks, backstreets or quarries.

Did you notice that I managed to post at exactly pi o'clock? I'm patting myself on the back as we speak.
Watch out cause I think Time Out was promoting La Estrella as a venue to watch the Portugues games in so it is likely to be even more rammed than usual... The old chestnut of getting there early might work.
I think we should arrange a big screen at the bandstand on Clapham Common!
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