Friday, June 16, 2006

"It's Not About Robotic Dancing Anymore"

Peter Crouch proclaimed this before the World Cup even began but the full meaning of it only actually dawned on him with 7 minutes to go yesterday. Thank goodness. Within minutes Steven Gerrard had understood too and World Cup glory was on again.

Another great quote came from Leo Beenhakker, the Trinni, Dad & Toboggan coach:
"When they meet stronger and better teams they may have to show more patience. This is free advice - I will not ask money for it."

Such good advice for such a small charge.

Ecuador 3 - 0 Costa Rica
England 2 - 0 Trinidad & Tobasco
Sweden 1 - 0 Paraguay

Extending this pattern on, it is clear that the first game of today will be a 0 - 0 draw. I can't even imagine how the pattern would extend to the next match.

See you all later in "Green and Red" in Bethnal Green.

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