Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mexi Can't

It was a fun night at the Rhythms of Latin America festival at the ICA last night. The evening began with some Brazilian folk music from which set the scene well but the place really started buzzing when Alan Hansen's visage sprang up on one of the two big projection screens (supplemented by a nice widescreen plasma).

The crowd was pretty much 50-50 in terms of support but it was the Mexicans who were the most vocal through the first half. Here's some of the Argentinian contingent, enjoying a rare moment of jubilation after their first goal:

Indeed the Argentinian ladies seemed fraught with nerves, here's a photo of their realisation that Messi's perfectly fine late goal had been ruled offside:

I got the impression the lady in black was a Mexican supporter! Extra time beckoned and the wonder-goal from Rodriguez capped a superb evening of entertainment (though I think the plaudits given by Hansen et. al. were going a little too far).

The venue was very good - it was packed, passionate and so hot David Beckham would probably have only lasted twenty minutes. The only problem was getting to the bar which was a bit of a task but as I was saving myself for a big afternoon today it wasn't too much of a problem.

With the proceeds from the evening going to a good cause I went home very tired but with a warm glow - let's hope that I still feel as charitable to the Ecuadorians this evening.

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