Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Get it?

Back to work today I'm afraid, so no exciting venues to report. The adventure's not over yet though, with a new Spanish/French bar tomorrow and further suitable locations for the eight remaining matches.

I had to watch the Italy v Australia game in the work cafeteria, where I found a couple of Italians and an Australian. One of the Italians fell asleep but the game was quite entertaining. Our antipodean cousins fell to the final kick of the game, and the entire cafeteria erupted into silence - possibly annoyance that there would be no extra time and we had to return to our desks.

No interesting pictures from today so here's a picture of the plate of cheese Dann ordered from Linda's Italian on Poland St during the previous Italy game. Even the Italian waiting staff were amazed to find that the entire plate was for just one man. The pictured side helping of mozarella is Dann's too. Remarkable.

Switzerubbish 0 - 0 Ukrap

The Switzerland v Ukraine game was almost too bad to describe. After a couple of early shots at the crossbar, we became concerned neither team would ever score, even in the penalty shoot-out. We came to the horrifying conclusion that in such a situation the game would only end in about 50 years when enough of the players had died for the match to be abandoned due to one of the teams falling below the required 7 men. Switzerland tried to prove us right by missing all three of their penalties but Ukraine did manage to put one or two away.

That game last night was sooooo boring that I actually fell asleep during the 2nd half of extra time. I woke up as the 2nd penalty failed to hit the back on the net, just in time to see the only interesting part of the whole evening. I might as well have slept from 8 and woken up at the same time, I still wouldn't have missed anything exciting!
surely under FIFA's stringent regulations banning drinks on the pitch, the players would die of dehydration after only a few days. I knew there must be a reason for it.
Indeed. The mystery is solved.
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