Saturday, June 10, 2006

Same Old England

England 1 - 0 Paraguay
Trinidad & Tobago 0 - 0 Sweden
Argentina 2 - 1 Ivory Coast

Sven seemed to make exactly the same mistakes he always makes and England played the same way we've been playing for the last eight years, going a goal up early on and then sitting back inviting the opposition to score... Let's blame it on the heat this time and hope it doesn't happen again.

Other than England, I was particularly impressed by Argentina. I wasn't impressed by the diving, but some of Argentina's one-touch passing was pretty special. They look to be the most dangerous so far by quite a way.

Today's venue was the big screen at Joe and Denning's house and much fun was had by all. I think. The total attendance was an astonishing 22, roughly, with special guest appearances from Kev "Flamin Eck" Wilson and Colin "Colin" Nosworthy. Home made bread was consumed, along with specially baked cake and much pizza and curry. At first we thought Pooch had "accidentally" eaten my naan (not my nan) but then it became apparent that he'd only "accidentally" forgotten to order it. The shit.

Here's a picture of some of us celebrating the goal - as it happened. We always watch football like this.

The flat's a mess now - more so - but if I go to bed it might be cleared up by the time I next go in the lounge.

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