Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Tunisian District

Spain 4 - 0 Ukraine
Tunisia 2 - 2 Saudi Arabia
Germany 1 - 0 Poland

Today me, Pooch and Denning took a trip to London's Tunisian district at Edgware Road. There was a (slightly) thriving Tunisian community as you might expect but, perhaps as a result of their no-drinking policy, there were no Tunisian bars. We had hoped for maybe a Tunisian cafe or the like but had no so such luck.

So, in the end we went to The Windsor (?). The patrons and staff were very friendly and the layout of the pub was such that it was a bit like watching the game in your own lounge - which makes you wonder why we went on a two hour round trip to Edgware Rd to watch the game on an inferior screen and pay for our drinks. That's commitment for you, though.

Denning had a couple of drinks and was therefore his usual larey self. Notice him threatening Pooch in this picture.

Kate Moss was there too, on her phone, as is evidenced by this photo.

I found Spain quite impressive today but we'll have to see what they're like against stiffer opposition - Ukraine weren't the side the media had led me to believe I'd see.

Tunisia and Saudi Arabia weren't great but they both gave it a good shot and entertained us increasinlgy towards the end of the game as the prediction league standings fluctuated one way and then the other as the late goals went in.

In the evening game I was left feeling very sorry for the Poles. They defended bravely, and largely well, for nintey minutes, only to let in the inevitable German goal in injury time. Poland aren't out yet but it's looking inevitable. Surely Germany aren't going to surprise everyone again? I can see them stumbling to the final again...

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