Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Viva Espana

Togo 0-2 Switzerland
Saudi Arabia 0-4 Ukraine
Spain 3-1 Tunisia

Greetings blog-fans! Joe's reign of blogging terror is at an end as I (Pooch) return to tell you about the delights of Bar Sol Ona where we watched the evening game with more Spaniards than a dyslexic dogs home.

The bar was on Old Compton St. next to Cafe Boheme and down some stairs, a lovely little place where we enjoyed a plentiful supply of Tapas (I particularly recommend the Octopus) and Rioja.

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Our lovely waitress - the photo is not really adequate

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Very good plasma TV

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Arun is accosted by a Spaniard, the flag is of the Asturias region of Spain

There was a sizeable and knowledgeable Spanish contingent, they reflected their team and were pretty quiet in the first half but became more vocal as Spain equalised with a goal from Raul and Torres started to show glimpses of his amazing talent.

I feel terrible this morning but am really looking forward to the game tonight. We're off to the Crown and Two Chairmen on Dean St. - a proper English boozer which we hope will be packed to the rafters. Hopefully England will finally show their true potential and give Sweden a tonking but it will be most likely 0-0 bore draw.


The woman with the flag actually fell down the stairs and therefore arrived in the bar head first. Everyone rushed to her aid to see how many bones she'd broken and whether she was conscious, but she just sprang up as if nothing had happened.

It later became apparent that it must have had some consequences, however, as she had the voice of a foghorn and seemed to like Arun.
Wow, she's sounds like a keeper. Well Done England for getting into the next stage
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