Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Come Il Calcio Sui Maccheroni

I think I might have come up with an Italian pun there. It nearly means "just what the doctor ordered" (or literally "like the cheese on the macaroni"), but I've replaced the word "cacio" with "calcio", which means "football". Maybe. Could an Italian speaker please verify.

In one of the best games of the tournament, there was refreshingly little diving and injury-feigning and plenty of attacking football.

The Italian supporters at Carluccio's were passionate, creating a very good atmosphere, as Pooch said. From my vantage point at the back, it was pretty difficult to see what was happening on the pitch, but I managed to arrange myself so that I could see two thirds of the screen. Whenever Italy got near the opposition goal, some of the crowd would stand up in excitment, meaning we only had the exitement of the crowd as a measure of whether the chance had been taken and the goal scored. This was my view - you can just make out the TV:

The crowd went suitably mad when Italy finally took the lead, two minutes short of the inevitable penalties defeat. They were still jumping around, spilling drinks, breaking stuff and kissing random people when Del Boy Piero scored a second goal for Italy a minute later. There was such excitement and flailing that a number of people, Italian and from the blog posse, were unclear whether the extra cheering was for the replay of the first goal or in fact for another goal.

It was also the hottest venue we've visited, as Pooch mentioned. I wonder how it compared to the temperature on the pitch. This was the best way of keeping cool, and this was our main reason for ordering all that wine:

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