Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Give Me Hope Jo'anna

Joe and I (and Gary Neville it seems) had been under the impression that England have absolutely no chance at the next FIFA World Cup as it is to be held in South Africa and the temperatures are bound to be too stifling for us Anglo-Saxons.

We'd all missed the obvious fact that South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere and therefore June/July is their Winter - this is odd as we're all quite intelligent.

The BBC reports the current daytime temperatures as follows:
These temperatures are about right for this time of year and the humidity is not bad too. Considering the heatwave currently in London we'll be better off playing in South Africa than in blighty.

McErikkson should be out of the picture by then and hopefully with some of the younger players maturing and some of the older chaff long retired we are all set up for an England win. Let's just hope we don't Messina it up, only four more though years eh?

Anyway, back to more contemporary matters: tonight we'll be attempting to watch the game at Carluccio's at St. Christoper's Place (Nearest Tube: Bond Street). Commentary will be Italian as will the delicious wine and food.

Personally I hope they will beat the Germans but I'm not that bothered about any of the remaining teams except Les Bleus who at least play decent football (sometimes).


It looks like we may even get free beer tonight... Bring it on!
How come? I've clearly misssed something
you're forgetting to account for global warming... by 2010 it will be 35 degrees.
It was obviously wishful reading on my part on the beer.

I think the 2nd to best bit of the night was being hugged and kissed by a random Italian just after the final whistle went. The real highlight was went the said Italian then kissed Pooch too! Think that might be Pooch's favourite moment too!!
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