Wednesday, July 05, 2006

International Diving

This game really just drove home how crap England must have been to not beat Portugal. It was a pretty dull affair, with most of the excitement provided by Portugal's comedic diving. France deserved to win but only seemed to care marginally more than Portugal, who didn't look like they were even vaguely bothered. All in all, a let down compared to yesterday's offering.

In my opinion, Italy have played the most consistently attractive football this tournament so I'll be rooting for them in the final. I could handle France winning as long as Zidane turns on the style, but not if they play like this again. Barthez was running down the clock from the 65th minute...

Naked men

Oooh, naked men, nice!

There's something about this shirt swapping at the end of matches that has bothered me for a long time - maybe one of you boys can explain...

Its fine for them to take their shirt off at the end of the match and swap shirts with someone one the other team. In fact its quite nice to see all those naked men (unless its Ryan Giggs who is a hairy monkey man under that red shirt and should NEVER be allowed to take it off).

What I don't get is why they then put on that other person's very sweaty shirt? Like Zidane did when he and Figo swapped. Why not just sling it over your shoulder and walk around bare chested for a while?

Its horrible, yuck yuck yuck. Your own sweaty football shirt is bad enough after 90 minutes or more running around in 30C heat, but someone elses sweaty shirt is not a nice thing. Why? Someone tell me why?
Don't EVER say anything bad about Ryan Giggs.
I agree - the shirt swapping thing has always baffled me.

I have to massively disagree with you Joe about the match though. I thought the first half was really good, fairly end to end stuff with both teams taking it in turns to slightly dominate and then be on the backfoot slightly.

The second half was not so interesting to watch admittedly and it was a shame that France stiffled the game. The last 10 minutes or so were quite tense as Portugal looked like they might just equalise... However Les Blues were nice and solid.

Some of my highlights:
Ronaldo had an excellent game - lots of little skillful moments. I was pleased he rose above all the taunting from the crowd which was OTT.

It was pleasant to watch a game fairly free from a gazillion yellow and red cards although possibly one or two for diving to the Portuguese would have been in order I reckon.

How about that amazing bit of skill when the french player went past around 4 Portuguese defenders only to bust his knee. that was pretty impressive. Was it Malouda? Am not so hot on the names...

Anyway I am so excited that I will be in Paris this Sunday - shame I will actually come back before the game though. Agggh. Doesn't seem to be a way round that one.
I'm not dissing the very lovely Ryan, you know he's one of my favourites, but you have got to admit that under that lovely red United shirt there is a lot of hair. More hair than you have even seen anywhere else in the world, and it is a bit scary
Leah - you're probably right about the game. I think I was spoilt by the Italy v Germany game the day before and my high expectations of France and Zidane. I'm sure he's conserving energy for his finale tho.

Mancunian lass - our Ryan is hairy cos he doesn't wax his chest like the entire Chelsea team!
Perhaps Mr Giggs should consider it though...

You told me not so long ago that all men are hairy and girls have no hair at all, especially not on their chests - you said that's how its possible to tell the difference between boys and girls.

So if the Chelsea team don't have hair on their chests doesn't that make them a bunch of girls?!
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