Friday, July 07, 2006

It's All Sharapova As Maria Is Mauresmorised

Don't worry blog-fans we've not gone all tennis on you but we couldn't let our pun-writing skill go rusty during yet another rest day in the FIFA World Cup.

Here's a couple of football snippets to keep you going:

1) It looks like Winker Ronaldo's reign as the probable winner of the Young Player of the tournament award is over - following a warning received via email yesterday the young Ecaudorian genius Luis Valencia has sailed into a commanding lead. All credit to him, his skill was evdient for all to see.

2) What's with FIFA's nominations for Player of the tournament? Henry has been largely anonymous for quite a few of the games, only popping up to take a couple of dives to secure France's passage through the knockout stages. No Riquelme? No Torres? What exactly has Ballack done?

At least we get some football tomorrow even if is only the third/fouth place play-off.

Gutes Gl├╝ck Deutschland!



Don't you mean Podolski?
"Podolski won the prize because Fifa had the final say, chosen by a 14-man panel."

Grrrrr, what's the point in having a vote if they're just going to ignore it anyway.
the important thing is that ronaldo won neither.
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